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history of N R C


The School was built as Highwood Secondary School in 1964. When this closed in 1991, Nailsworth Primary School was moved up the hill from its two sites in the town.  Stroud District Council agreed to run the Recreation Centre as a Joint Use Centre.  In November 2009 SDC announced that it would hand the Centre back to the Primary School, and withdraw funding (approximately £35,000 a year) and management. The School did not wish to operate the Centre itself. Nailsworth Town Council, therefore, with other interested parties led a campaign to keep the Centre open as a community  run facility. A joint agreement was drawn up with the School based on an operational model which involves no staffing and a fixed payment to the school for each hour each space is hired, to meet the school's costs.


In September 2010, Stroud District Council agreed to provide financial support for two years from 1 April 2011. Nailsworth Community partnership agreed to take on the responsibility of operating the Centre from 31 March 2011.


The Nailsworth Community Partnership Ltd was formed in 2009 to:


a) Lead, support, deliver and co-ordinate, as appropriate, projects which improve and enhance the prosperity, heritage, environment and community life of the Nailsworth area.


b) Enable and enhance communication, information sharing and direct involvement amongst all members of the community.


c) Establish Working Groups which will accept responsibility for progressing actions, especially those documented in the Nailsworth Town Action Plan, within the aims of the Partnership.


A Centre Steering Group was set up to ensure the smooth transfer of operations from the District Council to the Partnership. This involved a District Councillor, Fi McMillan; two town councillors, Norman Kay and Ian Crawley; the Chair of the School Governors, Sean Davis and the Headteacher, Vince Southcott; and the Chair of the Partnership, Bill Affleck. Regular meetings were held with District Council officers, particularly Ray Figg and Jane Bullows, and with the School, and a Business Plan was prepared and agreed by the District Council.


  From 1st April 2015 the day to day management of the Nailsworth Recreation Centre has been taken on by the Primary School directly.